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Title: You read that professional bloggers have more than that in their news
Post by: admin on January 13, 2011, 02:47:20 am
Will you accept this challenge? Over the next seven days, pay attention to things you do and your response to the overwhelming amount of information going in and through your life. How do others react to it? Identifying what you've done is key to understanding what's wrong and fix it if necessary. This article introduces you to a few proven tips to get rid of information overload.

Once you have nailed down the problems, you can analyze which activities consume most of your time. It may be email or RSS readers. I know some affiliate marketers who try to stay on the edge and end up subscribing to 50 newsletters and 300 RSS feeds.

Well, at first that may not sound a lot. You read that professional bloggers have more than that in their news reader. At first, this may seem like the proper way to approach your affiliate business. It has become the new norm in today's society. New opportunities open up new potential for income, right? Unfortunately, what's missing from the picture is action.

I bet you have read it before. Some people who seem to know everything about the industry claim about the lack of information in a newly released e-book or membership site.

I cringe every time I see it. It's not about delivering new stuff at all time. In fact, most of the time they could have already made a killing if they just implement what they know. Sure, it's not as easy as snapping fingers, but that is the hard fact they are not willing to swallow yet.

Knowing new stuff makes them think they are accomplishing something. They think they are preparing to launch the business in a grand way. From nothing to a million overnight. They read success stories and now they want to break a new record.

But here's the truth. Smart affiliates are not afraid to fail. They take action based on what they know and add more to their repository as necessary.

That means, you have to will read and implement. Put more weight on the latter. Don't be trapped in the circle of consumption. You will never learn everything unless you practice and do it. That's how it is and will always be. Don't believe those who try to make you think otherwise.

Rest assured that even if you don't check your email for a month, don't read any new e-book for a month, you will not miss a lot. But if you fail to take action, you miss a lot of opportunities.