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Title: Pick a sample affiliate program and look at the sales page. I bet you will see a
Post by: admin on January 13, 2011, 02:48:04 am
Pick a sample affiliate program and look at the sales page. I bet you will see an optimistic figure about making millions or at least six figure while working from home a few hours per day. While this could be a reality if you set the business up the right way, it is by no means an overnight result for newbie affiliates. Read on to find out how to approach affiliate marketing to increase your chance of success.

I call it the principle of gradual improvement. Everyone already understands this, but deep inside they still hope it is possible to just wake up with a pot of gold. That's why many of them fall into the same scam affiliate marketing program.

If I read sales pages every day, without I doubt I would be compelled to purchase too. Let's admit it, the message is effective. The copywriters are doing a great job there.

However, it is one of the things you have to fight to succeed in affiliate marketing. Everyone I know of has to go through the same process of learning, unfortunately but the quicker you realize this the better.

You see, starting and growing a $1,000 per week business requires a thousand dollar system. A six figure business needs an entirely different system. If you haven't made your first thousand online, chances are if you dive into the six figure system directly, you will be confused and make very little progress, if at all.

But every day, people try to sneak in and buy new stuff that is well beyond where they are right now. Maybe they're curious. Perhaps they can't resist the temptation to try a high profit model. But again, unless you are ready for it, it may not work for you.

Gradual improvement is the law of the nature. You plant the seed, water and nurture it to grow it a little bit at a time. While in business you can leverage other people's time, effort and money, still you have to learn to do it well.

It all starts from the ground. Build the foundation first. You know where you are right now so instead of wasting time trying your fortune on a million dollar system right away, just comply with the nature.

Start at the beginning. Build your experience. Develop your skills. If you follow this path, surprisingly you are going to stick on it because you actually see money flowing into your bank account, a dollar at a time. And you know you are on the right track.