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Title: Once reserved for the small community of internet-elite, affiliate marketing is
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Once reserved for the small community of internet-elite, affiliate marketing is becoming more widely recognized as a legitimate, lucrative source of income from the comfort of your home. Quite simply, affiliate marketing consists of an individual being rewarded (usually in commission) for promoting a business or product online. Whether the commission is a portion of a sale or a fixed amount, in general the customer follows a link created by the individual affiliate (otherwise known as a 'publisher') and then completes a sale or provides their personal information, depending on what the company is looking for.

Affiliate marketing can be an incredibly profitable means of making money while essentially working for yourself. It can be used as a side-project while you transition out of a regular 9-5 job, or as your sole source of income. The advent of working online provides a very unique job opportunity, which can afford you the ability to travel while working for yourself, be a stay-at-home parent and also a provider, or fulfill any number of your personal dreams that are much harder when you work in an office. As with anything commission based, affiliates need to ensure they are working with a reputable network with a history of paying out in full and on time. Sites such as envyusmedia have an established, helpful line of communication between the network and the affiliates, facilitating a beneficial and honest relationship for both parties.

An affiliate network (sometimes referred to as a publisher network) serves to create an easier line of communication between the companies that wish to participate in affiliate programs to promote their business, and the actual affiliates themselves. Affiliate networks offer a mutually beneficial relationship for both affiliates and merchants. For the affiliates, there is generally no charge or a small initial membership fee to become a member, and the network provides a comfortable way to participate in multiple affiliate programs while easing the payment process. Merchants are often charged a percentage of what they pay the affiliates, but have access to a wide variety of affiliates they would not normally be privy to.
A CPA network (cost per action) is generally run by affiliates with the ability to generate large amounts of volume for a merchant through the traditional method of affiliate networks. Due to their high volume, the merchants offer them a higher commission per sale or lead. The CPA networks then use this to encourage affiliates to promote a product through them, as opposed to directly through the merchant. For the affiliates, this means a higher commission, and for the CPA network, it compounds their ability to produce volume for the merchants.