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If you've been pursuing affiliate marketing for some time, without a doubt you should at least have subscribed to at least twenty email newsletters. That is enough to keep your busy for the whole day, leaving little or no time to work on your business. How should you approach an opportunity so you get real work done?

Having been a subscribers to 23 e-newsletters, the last time I counted, I certainly know how it feels. You wouldn't call it a day without getting bombarded with at least 15 offers per day. I didn't count how many banner ads you see and other types of promotion, just offers you see in your email inbox. Imagine that.

From newest traffic strategies, search engine loopholes, pay per click tricks, you name it. Not to mention about a new money making opportunity. If you switch your email notification on, you get nothing done at the end of the day, wondering where your time really goes.

I know this because I was there and experienced it. I switched to my email application as soon as it chimed, thinking that I would be missing things if I didn't handle it quickly or faster than anyone else.

That's the worst way to approach an opportunity, but most people think that by knowing they stay on top above everything and survive. While you may be the most knowledgeable internet marketers on the block, that has no correlation whatsoever with the amount of income you generate.

This fact stroke me like a lighting bolt in the middle of the day, but it's true.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do recommend that you pursue different strategies to see which one could leverage your strength best. One that you really enjoy doing and would be natural to you.

Once you have identified it - not necessarily the perfect technique - it is all about action. Most successful affiliate marketers I know are busy doing work that aligns with their long term strategy, sometimes they don't check email for days.

They often refuse to check the next opportunity because they know although the grass may seem greener over there, you don't own it. Even if you own it, soon you will get used to your lawn. If you try to stay on the edge, that's exactly what you do; get to know everything. Only by doing that you will grow your business and income.

What can you do with this information to move your affiliate business forward?

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