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There are 3 different types of effective video promotions you should be incorporating in your advanced affiliate marketing: live action, screen capture and software-generated video. In today's TV and sound-bites culture, video is one of the most powerful tools in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

The first type, live action video, is the most common - you simply stand in front of a video camera and deliver your pitch. This can range from a laid-back introduction to yourself and your products to the hard-sell super-pitches made famous by the late Billy Mays. You'll also find video interviews with one or more experts work well when done correctly.

The second type, screen-capture videos, usually fall into 1 of 2 categories - either showing a 'virtual tour' of a site or the operation of a piece of software, or the recording of a webcast or webinar. These are especially valuable for the affiliate marketing of software programs to show ease of use or the power of a new program, the extensive range of benefits to a new membership site, or to bring the content of an informative webcast to a much larger audience than might have attended live when the event was first broadcast. In the latter case, just be sure that any special offers mentioned in the video recording remain available, and that your affiliate marketing link remains onscreen at the end long enough for people to be able to copy it down.

The final type, software-generated videos, can also be divided into two most common types - text based and image based. The former is often an extension of affiliate article marketing, and is created by taking an audio version of your article and either having the entire text appear onscreen as it is read, or having just the main points written onscreen as each paragraph is read. The latter is created like a slideshow, with a succession of graphics or photos appearing along with a voiceover, music, a text overlay or any combination of the three.

With video editing software evolving quickly and prices dropping almost as fast, video has come within reach of almost every affiliate marketing business. As a result, the only restrictions on using affiliate marketing videos has become your own imagination and the amount of effort you're willing to put in to achieve your affiliate marketing success online. Start making money online using affiliate marketing videos now!

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