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It may sound counter intuitive. As an affiliate, and generally online business owner, you should explore new opportunities and identify new profit center to not only get the most out of your business but also help your customers pursue an enriching path to their destination.

As an affiliate, your role should be more than just selling to them one time. If you see yourself as a leader and goto source for advices in your niche, you want to keep your customers best intention in mind every time.

That results in a very powerful strategy for positioning. Instead of being a mediator to earn commission, you go beyond that to nurture relationships with your audience. Nowadays, people are seeking for a prolonged relationship, someone they can rely on for advices.

If you think about it, that just makes sense. With overwhelming amount of information, people don't need any more information. They need someone to help them sort through the mess. A leadership role is perfect to fill in the gaps.

What does this have to do with opportunities? A bunch, I'd say. For years I've noticed affiliates are pursuing the latest fads. Well, some of them may be around for years, and not considered fads, but if you attempt to divide your attention among all the latest opportunities, you are not getting the most out of what you are doing.

Pursuing every opportunity is going to bring in mediocre result at best, not to mention that your position is easily replaced by another affiliate.

Today they are working on article marketing. They buy every e-books out there about that topic, test a few things, get busy, see little to no result, and quit to chase another shiny object. It could be social media. It could be a new business model. It is easy to feel that you make progress by overwhelming yourself with information and new tactics.

What you should do is exactly the opposite.

Go the extra mile. Help people not only through that one-time purchase. Empathize with their problems and help them solve those, one at a time.

Stick with an opportunity and dig deep. While you should be seeking for another oil well, focusing on your existing well will enrich you more than if you just dip your toe an inch deep and miles wide. Think about it. You can win in a niche if you become better and more in depth, but not if you only scratch the surface of every niche.

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