Author Topic: Forum Rules, FAQ & Rewards: Read Before Posting  (Read 1396 times)

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Forum Rules, FAQ & Rewards: Read Before Posting
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:33:31 am »
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that will give you a better insight and understanding about what this forum is all about.

Q 1] What kind of postings can i post here on this forum?

Ans] You can post any type of posts whether discussion or advertisement posts as long as you post your post under the most suitable topic section.

Q 2] Are there any limitations to the type / amount of adverts that I can post here in this forum?

Ans] No.

Q 3] Are affiliate links allowed in this forum?
       Can i add affiliate links to my posts and signatures?

Ans] Yes you can add an affiliate link but only under the advertisement section of the forum when posting or inside your signature.

Q 4] Are links added to my signature "nofollowed"?

Ans] No. No links are nofollowed in this forum

Q 5] Are there any incentives for posting on this forum?

Ans] Yes there is and this is how it works.

Each time you make 10 posts on this forum, you simply send a PM to me(Admin) containing a link to your site or your affiliate link and i will put it in a spot among those ten Links To Some Of Our Member's Sites bar added to the bottom of this forum until a 10th poster kick ya link out by also reaching the 10 post mark.

Note that just as those 10 links appears at the bottom of this forum so also will it appear at the bottom of every post page on this forum site for the duration of time that it lasts among the links and you know the kind of boost that your link will derive from that.

And also, because you made 1,000 posts doesn't give your link a permanent spot among those 10 links.
A new link is used to replace the oldest among those 10 links each time a poster who reaches the "10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90........" and so on posts sends me(Admin) a PM containing their link.

That's all for now.

Remember that you have to Register With Us before you can be able to post your adverts on this forum/

Dont forget to always check back for updates.

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