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It goes without saying that every time there is a newly discovered model to generate traffic, people just flock over it. Today it may be search engine optimization. Tomorrow, perhaps it is article marketing or social media. Successful affiliates, however, don't try to follow the crowd. They drive traffic and generate revenue through creative thinking. Let me give you an example.

Now that Twitter is all the rage, you probably see at least three offers in your mailbox selling a Twitter traffic generation system. Common sense dictates that you should jump on the bandwagon, or otherwise you will be left behind.

I also bet that their approach in selling it is by naming an old tactic dead. Twitter to replace email. Social media to replace search engine optimization. You know what I mean. Experience shows it doesn't work that way.

If you are one of those who jump from one thing to another, let me remind you. Last time you try a traffic strategy, you may abandon it for yet another strategy because the latter is the shiniest object. Don't fall into this trap.

Search engines, for instance, has been around for more than a decade. It works and will continue to work for those who embrace it.

While admittedly there is a first mover advantage, you also need to figure out a bunch of unfamiliar things to learn and actually get result from the new traffic strategy. Chances are you are better off working on what you are doing right now.

Nowadays people use Internet extensively for business. Direct marketing, in their opinion, has become less effective. But for the same reason that they flock over to the Internet, less people are using direct mail, so people who still embrace it will see better results although they have to diversify their reach soon.

The key is it's not too late to jump on another tactic once you get what you're working on up and running.

If you come up with a creative idea for marketing, it still works wonder. I hope it makes sense. Now that people get hundreds of email every day, when something comes through the snail mail, they pay attention.

It is this creative thinking, both online and offline, that is going to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Don't follow the crowd. Be creative. By telling a few friends who also were interested in web hosting, I was making hundreds of dollars in commission without spending a dime on advertising. People may overlook this method. While this is nothing for super affiliates, without a doubt it is a great way to jump start your affiliate marketing business.

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