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It sounds counter intuitive. The society dictates that the more you are knowledgeable about something, the more respectful they are to you. Graduate students are guaranteed to earn more when they join the workforce. But knowledge can backfire you in affiliate business. How could be so?

Generally, knowledge has the power to distracts you. This apply to anything in business and life. The shortest path from where you are right now to a stable affiliate business is always about getting the right knowledge and apply it.

That is logic 101. You think people should have known better, but they don't. Sometimes they are so obsessed with knowledge that they spend the whole day, every day, to pursue more of it. Just visit any internet marketing forum, if you don't believe me. Or pay attention to any product launch.

They know every trick under the sun. Just by looking at a site, they are able to dissect a business model. They immediately know what is working, how the site publisher is making money, how to duplicate the effort, how to sabotage its ranking for particular keyword, and so on.

But those same people don't have a successful web site yet. They are busy chasing the latest trick and technique, they don't apply what they learn. I know this for a truth because the time you need to consume every new product out there takes as much time as a full-time job.

Well, they hope that once they master it all, they are going to build a million dollar business in record time. By that time, everyone knows about them as a record breaker. Or perhaps they want to master the next skill to make sure that when they start a site, they are invincible.

But that day never comes. That's the issue. I know it for a truth because I've spoken to people who are trapped in the knowledge circle. To tell the truth I was one of them a few years ago.

Now that I know better - or at least I think so from the result I've made - I spend more time on applying rather than learning. That doesn't mean that I stop investing on myself. I still buy at least ten e-books or programs per month, but that doesn't distract me from doing.

You should be aware of this too, if you want to be successful in your affiliate business. If you've been reading at least half a dozen e-books, you already know what you need to succeed in this business. All you need is to take action.

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