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For many people eager to get into the affiliate marketing business, the construction and uploading of a website is a daunting prospect. Like much of information technology, web design utilizes a language of its own, much of it jargon, and those who don't understand it often feel intimidated. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Static or CMS?

Websites fall into one of two basic categories:

Those constructed of pages of HTML code linked together, or static websites, where a designer has to create a design for the site and a developer or programmer has to write the code to make it work.� This is the traditional way, and is still perfectly acceptable for small sites, but it does require some knowledge and access to a server.
Content Management Systems (CMS) in which pages are generated dynamically from data stored in a database.� It sounds complicated, and to be honest it is, but the great advantage for the user is that the interface is generally no more difficult to use than the average word processor.� And a CMS has major benefits over a static website too:

it can be edited via an ordinary browser
it can be edited from anywhere in the world
it can be edited by anyone with an appropriate login
it needs no technical knowledge to operate
Pages and menus are updated automatically
it is incredibly versatile
your website can be up and running in minutes

Open source software

The open source movement has been gaining strength in recent years and now offers a huge range of software available to the general public, most of it free of charge.� This includes popular business programs like Open Office, and web creation software like WordPress, CMS Made Simple, Drupal and Joomla!�

Let us look at each in turn.


Joomla's predecessor, Mambo, was one of the earliest open source CMS systems available.� Mambo is still currently available, but due to a dispute between its various founding factions it is now completely unrelated to Joomla.� Joomla, however, remains extremely popular, partly because of its huge range of extensions, its massive range of themes and the almost endless customising capability it offers.


WordPress is another open source platform, originally developed for blogging but also very suitable for creating a Content Management System.� Once again it has a huge range of templates, many of them free, widespread support, popular forums and a massive selection of add-ons and plug-ins.

CMS Made Simple

CMS MS is yet another open source offering, often favoured by web developers because of its very good SEO capability.� It is possible to customise a CMS MS website with your own template, so for example you could replace an existing static website with a content management system but keep the appearance identical.


Drupal is also an open source CMS platform and is often used by professional web developers as a method of quickly creating websites for clients.� Like the others, it has a huge range of customisation features, great support and plenty of sophisticated add-ons like shopping carts.

So which do you choose?

For most affiliate marketers, the website needs to be rapid to construct and easy and quick to edit so that he or she can concentrate on their content rather than the nuts and bolts.� There are many marketers offering ready-made affiliate websites, usually incorporating a hosting plan and including ready-made areas where affiliates adverts can be placed.� The content for these sites is often taken from article directories, and some even include links to these directories so that all the marketer has to do is select the one they like.� One slight issue with this approach is that these sites tend to be "cookie cutter" -- in other words identical to a great many others.�

Another approach is to use WordPress and customise the site with a ready-made template.� This can be incredibly quick to implement - I have created a site and had it live within a couple of hours with this method - and offers a means of creating a unique site where the content and the colour scheme can be customized to suit the subject.

A search in ClickBank should return a number of vendors selling custom landing pages which can be used either in a static website or as an additional page in a WordPress site.


I have used all of the above methods to create websites, both for my own use and for clients, and for the Affiliate Marketer I would seriously recommend using WordPress. �It is quick and easy to install if you have access a web server - it can be done with literally in a few clicks of the mouse. �Version 3.0 has just been launched and is a very comprehensive package.� There are many, many add-ins and plug-ins available, including a fantastic plug-in for auto responders, and the design is so flexible that it can be made to fit any topic whatsoever.�

And best of all, it's free!

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