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Are you completely frustrated with Internet marketing and are about ready to give up? Has the dream of working from home at your own pace eluded you? Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you will probably end up working for someone else for the rest of your life? Rejoice! There is help on the horizon.

I had followed the same scenario myself. No matter how hard I tried I could not get to that $100 per day average. Heck, I was having trouble making more than a couple hundred dollars a month. In retrospect, I wasn't trying very hard because I didn't know exactly what I was doing. I was going through a lot of wasted motion. That only added to my frustration.

After buying literally 50 or 60 courses, I was beginning to see a pattern and had a good idea of what I probably should be doing but I was still never able to figure out a formula.

You need a repeatable formula that you can do over and over again. That's the key to making a living on the Internet. You probably wont have a single campaign that makes you a million dollars. But you can build a campaign that makes $20,000. Do that 5 times and you have $100,000. Do one each week and you have $1 million.

That's what Full Frontal Niche Marketing does. The instructors, Bryan Zimmerman and Jeremy Kersall are well-known guerilla marketers. They are self-employed and make their livings from selling products on the Internet as affiliates for other companies. They also sell mini-courses for those who want to learn affiliate marketing.

Their course is an over-the-shoulder approach that records their computer screens as they work. They do a voice-over that describes what they are doing and why. I like this course because not only can I see what I am supposed to be doing, I can simply watch the videos as I put together new campaigns step-by-step.

The course runs for 60 days. A video is produced each day, Monday through Friday. Subjects include picking a niche, identifying keywords, assessing the competition, testing the niche and building the actual campaign. Then they show how to use search engine optimization to get free traffic and spend time how to build a mailing list for future marketing sales. It is the most complete course I have ever seen on the subject. The best part is the cost of the course is less than what college kids pay for a single textbook.

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