Author Topic: Start your guaranteed eBay money making with no capital  (Read 399 times)

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Start your guaranteed eBay money making with no capital
« on: January 13, 2011, 02:34:09 am »
Start your guaranteed money making with no capital or very less capital through Internet. If you have something old or useless in your home then you can make money by selling it in eBay. It is a big market place where people can buy and sell product in very less price. So it will be wise not to sell brand new product in eBay because who ever comes here to buy, they look for cheaper one. It is a place where always bargaining takes place. So what you are waiting for? Start to make money online now.

Now let me tell you my story. I actually didn't believe it when I read it in some other's blog but as it didn't require any capital that is why I tried. Trust me, within a week I made $60.00 by selling my text book which were of no use. Then I started to sell all of my unwanted household and earned $300.00. I found it profitable because I earned from my junk. I made sure I sold only those �that could be sold. I didn't want to make money out of nothing. Yes, I stayed away from selling those broken items since it would be of no value to anybody. In addition, I didn't want to forge anybody �for making some money.

You must be thinking about what is that you sell in eBay. Already you have the answer. Anything from your home that has no use. It can be your text book, electronic goods, baby cloths, broken goods etc. If you find someone selling it in the eBay then you will understand that you have a buyer there. So start selling from now.

The most important thing in this business is that you can do it from home. Just what you have to log in eBay,search your product, ask your buyer about the height and weight of the product then ask for free supplies from USPS website. Choose correct box for your item. Another thing you must keep in your mind that when you sell something, ship it as soon as possible. Using PayPal account or using USPS website, you can print postage label and this way you can save your time. For safe delivery, keep the confirmation number of the shipment so that you can avoid complain from the buyer. For more information, you can visit many blogs where you will get self-tested and proven method of guaranteed online money making.

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