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SEO- Search Engine Optimization means exactly that, optimizing your site so that it can be found by the search engines. There are a few terms that you need to know so you can start talking nerd with all the other people doing a web site. The first word term is "keyword". This means a phrase of words or one single word that describe what someone might search. Example would be "clothes" or for a phrase "kids clothes." You can have longer terms and like "kids clothes boys." This would be called a long-tail keyword. Now instead of a long key word phrase some people use what is called a qualifier. This would be a keyword added with a location. So you might be looking for "drill-press" but you want to find it in Dallas, Texas. So you might have a keyword with "drill-press Dallas TX." "Dallas" is not a keyword but a location qualifier in this case. The only time it wouldn't be a qualifier would be when it is part of the name ex "Dallas Cowboys."

Now what does that have to do with your site? Well you need to have keywords through out your site for what you want the search engines to fin you for. If I have a site that sells widgets then I need to make sure that it talks about widgets. Now I don't need to bombard my site with widget written 1000 times but the most common theme needs to be about widgets. So your site needs content to be relevant. If the content is their you can't be indexed by the search engines because they will not know what you are about. They don't have a program at Google or Yahoo! that reads pictures or someone sitting at a desk looking at your site to see what you are as a business. All that can be read are words. So make your words stick out.

Once the face of your site shows what you are about you need to edit the back end of your site. If you open your site and right click on your mouse there is an option to "view source". A crazy page pulls up and looks like it is written in a another language. Well it is. It is written for the web browsers to understand what your site is about and also is a quick reference for the search engines in indexing your site. If you don't see things that say meta keywords, meta title, and meta description then you are missing some very vital parts to having your site indexed by the search engines. This is a little more complicated and needs to be done by a web designer or if you are using a template then you need to find the location to input in these items.

Now you know a little about keywords and where they need to be placed. This is a small step in optimizing your site. There are many other things that need to be done like alt tags, the connecting of pictures to keywords, back-links, and URL structure to name a few.

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